Spa Resort Riviera Maya Mexico

Ceiba dl Mar Spa Resort Riviera Maya Mexico

At Ceiba del Mar your dreams begin... Cast yourself away in a place that intensifies your body´s freedom and your peace of mind. Soft healing massages, quietly secluded landscapes, relaxing waters and a myriad of essences, will make you feel renewed.

Due to Hurricane Wilma, Ceiba del Mar Spa Resort will remain closed for at least 6 months. For Information, please contact us via email at : or  Please do not attempt to contact us via telephone as this service has not yet been restablished. We will keep you posted through this site as soon as available.  Thank you.

Debido al huracán Wilma, Ceiba del Mar Spa Resort permanecerá cerrado como mínimo 6 meses. Para cualquier información, por favor contáctenos vía correo electrónico a: o Por favor no intente comunicarse con nosotros vía telefónica, ya que aun no ha quedado restablecido este servicio.  Los mantendremos informados de los avances, a través de esta página Web, en cuanto se tenga disponible,  Gracias

in Mexico and International Countries

Just for the people that are looking for the best. In Ceiba del Mar you can expect peace and quiet, lots of personal space, beautiful Mayan and Mexican architecture, and warm hospitality. All this in an ambiance of luxury and comfort.